Times are Changing…

Those were the days…do you remember corded phones, passing notes in class, and dinner conversations where we actually talked to one another? Maybe I’m dating myself but each day I see more and more that students of today are facing so many more obstacles than I did in high school. These obstacles hinder their ability to communicate with one another. Texting and social media have taken over and the gossip trail that used to take a few days to complete its course can now happen in a millisecond. Items are transmitted in an instant and could be in the hands of hundreds or even thousands of people within a matter of minutes. School can be difficult enough without all of the social pressures. Pressure such as making sure everybody likes your post, keeping a Snapchat streak, responding to requests to send nude pictures or to vape after school or in the restroom. All of these things are working against our children which makes partnering with the school even more important than ever. In the past several weeks, I have had to have many difficult conversations with parents as well as students. The trends of vaping, sexting and making poor choices does not discriminate. All students in all socioeconomic statuses and in all neighborhoods are affected by it. We need to partner together to make sure that students are making good choices and have self-respect. Talking often and keeping the lines of communication open between home and school will help us to be able to get to the root cause of some of these concerns in our society.

The end of the quarter is behind us and we will soon be breaking for the holidays. Please make sure to check in with your child and their social media communication on a regular basis. There are many things that are passed around to students which may contain or have legal ramifications. It is important for you to stay in touch with what your child is texting and what files are located on his or her phone. I have place links to articles involving sexting and vaping and the newest trend, JUULing to provide insight on some popular things happening. We have great students here at Redbank Valley; we just need to continue to guide them toward making the right decisions. Please continue to reach out with any concerns you may have; together we can be a resource for your child.

Sexting: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/2011-sexting.html

Vaping and JUULing:  https://5210.psu.edu/what-parents-need-to-know-vaping-juuling/


Author: Mrs. Rupp

I am a principal at Redbank Valley High School.

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