Time to Dig In

Now that the first 9 weeks of the school year is behind us, we have the opportunity to reset.   Many things are resetting during November.  The fall sports teams are finishing up, and the winter sports are about to set up.  The trees are preparing for the long winter, and students are thinking about how they can maintain or increase their grades in coming quarter.  It is never too late to reset, rethink and rejuvenate.  For many students, it also means that you need to “Dig In!”

I have learned through the years that the first quarter of a school year is, many times, a review of content to get you ready for the content to come.  As the school year progresses, the content will get deeper and the assignments will get a little longer.  Whether you want to maintain the first quarter grade or improve upon it, here are some tips and tricks to success during quarter 2:

  • Make sure homework is done
    • This one may sound easy enough, but I see many students leaving the school with empty hands (except for their phone)
  • Gather Make Up work for missed days of school
    • It is easy to forget to do this, especially if the missed day was a Friday.
    • Utilize a classmate as a resource for notes and help.
  • Talk to the teachers
    • Parents and students both
      • Let the teachers know if there is a concern before a grade is so low that it cannot rebound.
    • Check grades regularly
      • Parents and students should log into MMS weekly to prevent any surprises.
    • Ask for specific feedback
      • If there is something that is not understood, ask for clarification.
    • Utilize the Community Center
      • There is tutoring each Tuesday and Wednesday after school at the community center.
    • Avoid distractions in the evenings if possible.
      • Social media is overtaking some of our students’ lives; limit if you can and encourage blocking unhealthy relationships.

As I write all of these tips, I understand that most of these are easier said than done.  There are only a few short weeks until the snow begins to fly and holiday festivities are in the air.  Make sure to lean on the teachers and administration so that together, we can help your child maintain focus, dig in, reset and experience academic and social success.


Author: Mrs. Rupp

I am a principal at Redbank Valley High School.

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