Picture Day

Yesterday was picture day, and it was great to see everyone dressed in their finest clothing to smile for the camera.  Outward appearance is something that we, as a society, value. It shows, especially on picture day. What I am trying to focus on this year more than anything is not only respecting yourself by the way you dress outwardly through the following of the dress code policy, but also having kindness on the inside. I have stressed with the students that we need to be responsible citizens, and we need to treat everyone with respect. A smiling school picture means nothing if the student is cheering on a fight or promoting bullying or disrespecting teachers. We have a great group of students at Redbank Valley High School, and my mission is to make sure that, although the school pictures are going to show bright smiling faces, the actions of all of the students are as bright and as kind as their outward appearance.

As parents, I am sure that you want the best for your children. We are working diligently to address issues as they arise and encouraging kindness and respect among all. Students are encouraged to stand up for what is right in the interest of kindness, respect, and overall humanity. I appreciate the communication that I have had with many of you, and I look forward to these respectful conversations moving forward. Thank you again for your support of your child’s education.  As you place the smiling pictures in the frames, remember that the best pictures of our children are those that are unable to be seen.  Kindness, respect and responsibility are some of the most beautiful traits to possess.  Please join me in helping promote the importance of these traits to aid our children towards becoming responsible citizens of society.


Author: Mrs. Rupp

I am a principal at Redbank Valley High School.

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